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Space Themed Cake Smash- Baby Noah turns one

Space Themed Cake Smash Blog Cover Image
Space Themed Cake Smash

Is your baby turning one? Are you thinking off having a cake smash for them?

Space Themed Cake Smash Pinterest Image
Space themed Cake Smash

Here, I am going to share a recent cake smash, showcasing one of my brand new backdrop sets. I've been desperate to do a space themed cake smash for a while, and my dreams came true with Noah's cake smash.

Baby Noah Smiling during his Portrait Photos
Where is your ear Noah?

Too infinity and beyond- Buzz Lightyear

Let's Plan Your Wall Art BEFORE Your Sessions

The session took place at my home studio in Bromley. I had the most adorable astronaut costume picked for some portraits. Noah had photos taken as a newborn, and as a 6 month sitter; so we did some additional portraits, on a plain backdrop, to match. He definitely didn't disappoint, with a gorgeous smile! We've been designing a few beautiful pieces of wall art for his Nursery. An image from each of his session created a beautiful bubble wall; 3 orbs displayed together. The smallest orb, a photo from his newborn session, is 12 inches in diameter, a photo from his sitter session is in the 20 inch orb and the 30 inch orb is from his cake smash portraits. By using similar tones, the wall art piece is cohesive and fits perfectly in their home.

3 bubbles with newborn sitter and cake smash portrait images
Bubble wall design for wall art

Would you choose a space theme for your little one?

Noah may have been slightly popping out of the astronaut outfit, but he looked so cute! I always keep the portraits short and sweet to keep the baby's attention. Throughout the session, the aim is to keep your baby happy, as well as getting gorgeous photos for you to display.

Baby Noah dressed as an astronaut at the beginning of his Space themed Cake Smash in Bromley
Astronaut Noah

Time to Smash

Cake smash time! The cake was shaped like a rocket, the perfect accompaniment to the planets and stars on the backdrop. The cakes always look so big next to the babies, but they are only 4 inches wide! Noah wasn't so sure of the cake at first, possibly because it didn't look like cake.

Post Cake Smash Rocket Cake Destroyed
Rocket Cake

It took a bit of reassuring and a wooden spoon, but we eventually convinced Noah that cake is yummy. After that, there was no stopping him, he sat stuffing his face. I got some great behind the scenes footage of Noah enjoying his sugary treat.

Noah wore the navy blue cake smash nappy cover and bow tie, he looked very handsome! I provide all of the cake smash outfits; however, some families choose to bring their own. The cake smash outfits have different number of pieces, this specific outfit has a matching crown, but the crown would not have matched the theme. I have several outfits available already, but if needed, I can source one to match the theme you request!

Baby Noah with Space themed backdrop smashing cake at Francesca Weeks Photography
Noah's Space Cake Smash

What happens if my baby doesn't want to smash the cake?

We fake it until we make it! It's ideal to book the cake smash for a time when your baby is at their happiest. Not every baby has even tried cake, so giving them a little cupcake or some cake at a time, prior to the cake smash, can help your baby be more familiar with the cake. Some babies do just cry, it's unavoidable! But we gradually break the cake up, smear a bit of cake on their face, make it out as though they have smashed it. It makes for great photos and even funnier that you have witnessed the behind the scenes reality.

Noah eating rocket cake with Rocket backdrop
Let him Eat Cake

You can of course choose an alternative to cake. I am yet to photograph a doughnut smash, but that would make for great photos. You can choose jelly, or watermelon; set up a meeting to discuss yours and your babies needs. I can cater for your babies allergies.

Bath Time

There comes a point, where we have to stop baby from consuming the entire cake, and move on to the bath for clean up. For most babies, this is their favourite part of the photo session. Splashing around in the bath helps to clean baby and end on a high point! Great big smiles are an added bonus. Noah loved getting to play in the water giving some cheeky smiles in the process. He was a happy boy in the water!

Space themed bath time for Space cake smash at Francesca Weeks Photography in Bromley
Space bath time

How to book

This is just one of many themes available. Whilst the available themes can be booked at shorter notice, it's great to get your date in the diary in advance, to secure the date you want and my availability. I do sometimes have last minute availability, so always enquire.

Space themed cake smash with happy baby. Cake Smash at Francesca Weeks Photography London.
Happy Cake Smasher

To book in, contact me via:

phone: 07908765557

For more information about Cake Smashes at Francesca Weeks Photography: Cake Smash

Let's organise a time to have a pre-consultation to discuss your needs.

Current available themes:

  1. Hot Air Balloons

  2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  3. Wish Upon A Star

  4. Space

  5. Olive Gold Balloon

  6. Pink Princess

  7. Scandi Balloon Arch

  8. Pastel Unicorn

  9. Purple Fairytale Castle

  10. Pastel Rainbow Balloons

  11. White and Blue Teddy Moon

Ofcourse, custom cake smashes can be planned! These require earlier booking, to enable me to order the backdrop and accessories needed. What would your perfect cake smash be?