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Now, most of us have at least 1 social media channel. Facebook, instagram, twitter etc. I myself have a few...

I also have certain people that I love to follow for various reasons (fitness, tidiness, just fun to follow etc. I thought Id share just a few of my favourites in case anyone else wanted to follow them as well!

Instagram- mrshinchhome

Now, what can I say about Mrs Hinch except, I am OBSESSED! I was introduced to her by a friend, and since then, our cupboards are now stocked to the brim with cleaning products! Do not be put off by the images on her page, yes they are photos of a stunning house. It is the story everyone follows her for! She has the most amazing tips, and I cannot even begin to describe the motivation she gives. I have since re-arranged the entire kitchen, as well as hoovering and cleaning most surfaces in our house. The other reason I love her- she is a fellow cocker owner! Oh my Mr Henry Hinch is such a good boy, and sleeps in he most amusing positions. She is definitely one to follow!

Instagram- voguewilliams

Vogue had a baby not so long ago- the gorgeous little Theodore! He is such a lovely smiley baby, shown by Vogue's instagram posts. As well as cute baby pics, Vogue's posts are great motivation for post baby fitness! She's bossing being a working mum, she's very inspiring. If you haven't watched it already, Spencer and Vogue have a TV show that my partner and I loved watching- it's on E4 (you can probably watch it on catchup) "Spencer, Vogue and baby too". It is very funny! Highly recommend!

Instagram- chaus_adventure

From travel bloggers to new baby sharers, I was lucky to work with chaus_adventure recently upon welcoming their baby boy Jacob into the world. They are both lovely people, and Jacob is so cute! They post on instagram as well as having a fab blog! Check them out for great posts!

Instagram- Forever Sewing

This particular company is owned by the brother of a friend (I actually only found this out after ordering!). They make the most lush personalised tracksuits. I myself, purchased one for little Harper, with HH embroidered on everything. Pink of course, it is one of my favourite go to outfits for her! Have a browse of them on Instagram! My next order is going to be a personalised backpack for Harper!

Instagram- melbourneyummums

I discovered this account through a show on Netflix, Yummy mummies. They are so funny and glam, the show takes you through 2 of their first pregnancies and one of their second. I just love mummy Instagrams!

Instagram- kayla_itsines

I have followed Kayla for a while! She is now pregnant, so even more relatable! She has a BB tribe who follow her fitness plans. I must say, the transformations are amazing! She is such an influential and inspiring woman, and dog lover! She is a great one to follow for fitness inspiration, especially her new pregnancy-related fitness posts!

Instagram- my clients personal accounts!

I love following all of my clients Instagrams! It gives me great joy watching all of the little babies growing up, seeing how they change! Do you have an Instagram? I'd love to follow you!


If you are anything like me, having the TV or some music on in the background is imperative to getting any kind of work done! I have been through my fair share of Netflix shows, especially when I was pregnant! One of my all time favourite discoveries is 'Tidying up with Marie Kondo". If you need inspiration to tidy your house, she provides it! Your folding will never be the same again. She talks and you just end up wanting to purge your whole house! She separates the mammoth task into different sections, and helps you tackle how to go about it. I say you, she is helping various couples, but the information is helpful for all! If you haven't watched it yet, get it on!

Not inspirational, but a great watch is Sinner on Netflix. We accidentally watched season 2 first, but this did not ruin the amazing series 1. Long story short, Sinner is about a person who kills someone, and a detective is desperate to find out why. The first season is called Cora and the second is Julien. If you love a bit of a crime thriller, I would definitely recommend watching Sinner!

So, these are just a few! I do follow more! Who do you follow? Who would you recommend? I love following new people on instagram! I definitely need some new Netflix shows to watch as well!


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