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A Newborn Session with White Styling- Baby Riley

Styling is so important for your session, these photos are memories which last a lifetime.

Cover photo for newborn session with white styling blog
A Newborn Session with white styling- Baby Riley

One of my client's favourite aesthetics, at the moment, is the natural, clean, white edits. Having a neutral backdrop to your baby, shows off their little features. There is no distractions in the images to compete with your baby, so the full focus falls on your new addition to the family and your bond with them. The neutral theme is timeless, blending with many home aesthetics, allowing you to proudly display your images as wall art in your home. Many of my clients get large wall art, which receives regular praise from guests who visit.

Baby in hands neutral backdrop image
Pinterest image for a newborn session with white styling

I often get asked "what do you recommend"
Well, my response is simple " I always recommend neutral, because your tastes may change, yet neutral is always a classic. These photos are also for displaying on your walls, so solid pink may not be appropriate for every room".

Backlit family newborn image with white styling at Francesca Weeks Photography, Bromley
Backlit Family newborn image

Baby Riley came to visit me in April, I was so pleased that his parents wanted white, as a sole colour choice. Their photos blended beautifully together to create a stunning, cohesive set of images.

What to wear for a session with white styling?

White is the simple answer! For women, a long flowy blouse or dress looks lovely, for men, a white t-shirt or white shirt goes well. I do have a few dresses available in my studio, we can discuss these details in a consultation before your session. You can book a consult by filling out the form on my contact page, giving me a call or email. For this session, I asked Riley's mum to bring a long-sleeved vest, creating the perfect studio meets lifestyle look. Either long-sleeved or sleeveless would work, but I personally prefer the longer, what is your preference?

Family looking at baby Riley. backlit, white styling
Backlit family image looking at baby Riley

When Studio meets lifestyle

Recently, I have a lot of requests for more natural looking photos. My clients are opting for the vests, stretched out poses and more family-orientated sessions. Riley was a very gorgeous awake baby boy, meaning we managed to capture his beautiful big blue eyes! The bond with his parents is already very apparent! A favourite image of mine I entitled "when you've got your whole world in your hands", and you can see why...

Baby Riley in his parents hands with white styling at Francesca Weeks Photography
Our whole worlds in our hands
Francesca worked wonders with our very fussy son, he wasn’t in the mood to model, but Francesca has the patience of a saint and managed to get some beautiful photos of our 13 day old baby that we will cherish forever! Thank you again Francesca we can’t wait to come back in the future - Shannen

Review of Francesca Weeks Photography from a happy client
Francesca Weeks Photography Review

I provide most images in both colour and the black and white conversion as standard with my sessions. The newborn sessions take place at my home studio in Bromley, South East London. I am soon hoping to provide a separate package for in home newborn sessions. I have had many requests to travel, as a lot of mums enjoy the comfort of their own home environment, particularly if their new baby has siblings. I am excited at the thought of making new parents lives even easier! I strive to make every stage of your story with me, simple and easy for you.

Backlit mummy and baby image of baby Riley at Francesca Weeks Photography
Baby Riley with his mummy

Backlit daddy and baby image of baby Riley at Francesca Weeks Photography
Baby Riley with his daddy

I really adore tailoring the sessions to suit your style, and I'm so pleased that so many are embracing this classic styling. What is your style?

Baby Riley with wide awake eyes with white styling at Francesca Weeks Photography
Wide awake baby Riley

How to Book

Booking is simple! Contact me via my contact page, email at or call on 0790876557. For more information about newborn sessions, you can visit the newborn page of my website.

I'd love to schedule a pre-consultation with you to discuss your needs and make sure that we are the perfect fit for each other!

When are you due? What are your favourite baby names?

I hope to speak soon



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