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Modern Bump Session in London- Ina's Maternity Session

black and white cover photo for modern bump session in London- Ina's maternity session blog
Modern Bump session in London blog cover photo

Neutral, modern styling is all over instagram, with #neutral trending. You may not think you have that "influencer" look, but I'm here to help you create insta-worthy photos. Photos not only for social media, but images you can display proudly around your home.

Pinterest image of pregnant Ina in a fitted black dress for modern bump session in London blog
Modern bump session in London Pinterest image

Ina visited my studio, a few months ago, 8 months pregnant with her baby boy, and wanted to document this special time in her journey to motherhood. Her taste was very classic, neutral and monochromatic. She opted for simple, but elegant imagery.

I posed Ina on her own and with her partner. The chemistry between the couple was amazing; making the recreation of the inspiration she forwarded, a lot easier.

Dark maternity image with partner. Black styling at Francesca Weeks Photography
Ina and partner expecting a baby boy

Light grey backdrop maternity image with black fitted clothing at Francesca Weeks Photography.
Ina with her Partner

Where to get Inspiration

Unsure about the style of images you want, or just wanting to view some inspiration photos? A great place to start would be my website, Instagram, or Facebook. You can also set up a pressure free pre-consultation with me, where I can show you other images that you may like, and guide you towards a style that will suit you.

Maternity image with satin/silk shiny covering and backlit windows. Goddess look. Gold beige colouring.
Ina the goddess

Pinterest is also a useful tool when searching for inspiration. I have set up pages for each genre, with images that could appeal to you.


For the modern aesthetic, we went for simple, fitted dresses, which I provided. The classic little black dress with a turtleneck made for one of my favourite photos.

Modern maternity image with grey background and a black high neck dress at Francesca Weeks Photography
Modern maternity image

Other outfits used included a fitted white dress, a black bodysuit, a leather jacket and a silky sheet. We used different backdrops to create several different looks.

White styled maternity image with a light airy but modern feel at Francesca Weeks Photography
White styled maternity image

What Ina Had to Say about our session

"After googling where to have my maternity photoshoot carefully i found Francesca. I had researched what kind of photos I wanted and sent them to her beforehand. I was unsure what kind of photos I would get as i am very picky. But Francesca had gone above and beyond to get the kind of photos I wanted. She had prepared everything from her research online to the kind of clothes I wanted. The photos were exactly what I wanted and more! She communicated everything with me and i was sent photos so quickly after being edited. Whatever kind of shoot you want you won’t be disappointed with Francesca I promise. Thank you Francesca I will be coming back for more for sure! Xx" - Ina
Review of a maternity session at Francesca Weeks Photography happy customer review
Review of a maternity session at Francesca Weeks Photography

I'm so excited to photograph her son at his 6 month milestone and at his cake smash!

Maternity sessions are held at my home studio near Bromley North Station. You can book in at any point once your due date is known. A lot of my clients who book maternity sessions, also book newborn sessions. We can create cohesive images for you to display together in your home. I have different wall art available that I can discuss with you during a pre-consultation.

Dark styled maternity image ina in a black body suit with blonde hair down.
Dark styled maternity image

Would you like to book in or do you have questions about a maternity session about Francesca Weeks Photography?

You can contact me via my contact page

Call 07908765557

To see more details about a maternity session with me, take a look at my maternity page

I look forward to hearing from you!


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