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Coming for a session, you may be apprehensive about who will be photographing you. It’s not easy to feel comfortable in front of someone pointing a lens at you. To show your personality to just anyone (I don't even like having my photo taken). It’s for this reason, I thought I’d share a bit more about me. Who I am, what I’m like, just a general overview.

I am a very relaxed photographer, thoroughly used to children of all ages, always prepared to belt out a tune from The Lion King, or make a fool out of myself, to get that winning smile! Now a mother myself, I have experienced the newborn stage; the bags under your eyes I'm so tired but look at this angel that I have created feeling, the unglamorous bedraggled feeling, I could go on. I highly believe that you should have those family photos with your new baby, despite feeling how I have just described, because trust me, you have that new mum glow that you'll want to remember (especially when they become an argumentative teenager!).


Crazy is my normality


I am one of 6; normal to me is a bit of chaos mixed with a lot of noise. Coming from a big family, it felt normal to follow on and look after children. From babies to teens, I have looked after several children, all with their own special characters.


They say that you should never work with children and animals


At school, I was a lover of science and maths, this eventually led to studying Bioveterinary Science at the Royal veterinary college. As if herding children wasn't hectic enough, I chose to become a self-employed dog walker, continuing to pursue my love of animals. I got my first dog when I turned 21, and 2 years later, she had a gorgeous litter of 6 puppies. I was lucky that my mother owned a DSLR that she allowed me to borrow (thanks mum!). I spent hours capturing the dreamy, sleepy cocker spaniels. I was so enamoured by one of them, that I kept him (he was the chunkiest, sleepiest one).


Dog Photographer to Newborn Photographer


I purchased my own DSLR and I continued to practice using various dog models, but it was only when I saw a friend advertise the need for a newborn photographer, that I looked into pursuing newborn photography. I purchased my first bean bag, several props, lighting, and all the necessary equipment needed. The first ever newborn I photographed was a baby girl called Freya- a gorgeous little beauty! This was over 2 years ago now, but I remember the day as if it happened yesterday. At this point, I wasn't a mum, but I was enamoured by the fragile tiny babies who curled up into the sleepy poses. I loved capturing the first parent glow and preserving memories through timeless family photographs. There is a look that I see in the mums and dads eyes', that is almost similar to how a groom looks at his partner on their wedding day, but more powerful. During my newborn sessions, parents have time to just sit and admire the amazing baby that they had just created.


Onwards and Upwards


Since then, I have done various training, including first aid training, and worked on my own unique style. I've added maternity, cake smash, baby, family and portrait sessions to my ever growing repertoire. I've expanded my dress collection, prop store and client base. I love my job!


My little family


My partner and I were inseparable from the day we met. When we found out that we were expecting a bubba, we were excited for the future to come. We relocated a short distance, from Beckenham to Bromley, and set up our own little nest. Just a month after moving in, our daughter arrived into the world on 1st June 2018 at just 35+2 weeks but a healthy 6lb 8oz! Having a new baby has not stopped my work but opened my eyes even more to the love parents have for their babies.


2019- new year, new you


This year I am fully appreciating the 'new year new you' vibe and excited for all of the adventures, milestones and new people that 2019 brings. I'm excited for my client base to grow, getting to re-live the newborn stage through all of your little bubbas (and get to give them back for you to enjoy the sleepless nights!) I have a series of blogs planned about future sessions, advice for new parents and more.


Any Questions?


What else would you like to know? When was you baby born or when are they due? Can't wait to meet everyone!


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