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Why you shouldn't skip a sitter session

Harper was quite a small baby, and she's still small for her age. People are forever shocked that she is 9 months and not 4 months! Being my own baby, I am able to take regular professional photos of her, but I don't. I know, I really should! But sometimes, work gets busy, and I forget!

I did some "sitter" type photos before she could properly sit... let's just say, she wasn't interested! Fast forward a few months, she is now crawling... Definitely a hare and not a tortoise! Sitter photos are most certainly not quite as easy, but I made sure to capture her gorgeousness as a beautiful, bubbly, perfect 9 month old.

Sitter session, London baby photographer, Bromley

Our antics can be viewed on facebook, I videoed 2 lives whilst dressing bubba up in various outfits!

Baby photography, South East London

I know I was the photographer, but as I glanced through the gallery I had just photographed, I had tears in my eyes. My perfect little princess, her big eyes, cute little hair and cheeky gummy grin... So many emotions flooded through me! I honestly was so glad that I took the time to preserve these memories. I mean, she's already starting to talk, I'm going to want to remember the peaceful times (joking of course). The gummy smile shown below is a particular milestone; the last day where little Harpsicle had no teeth! They broke through her gums the very next day- we then realised why we hadn't slept for a few days!

Francesca Weeks Photography, London Baby photographer

These baby photos will stay with us forever! I definitely had to put some flowers on her head for the occasion, my current favourite thing to do!

How I show facebook she is...

9 months, baby photographer, Bromley, London

Her face 90% of the time (when I get my camera out at least!)

Sitter session at Francesca Weeks Photography

So what are you waiting for? Book your sitter session today! I mean, if you don't, mummy brain might lead you to forget!

Minimalist baby photography, London photographer

Lastly, Harper would like you to follow us on instagram!

Hope to see all of your lovely little bubbas soon!


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