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Vouchers and Business during the Covid-19 pandemic

We are currently in the second lockdown of the year, and many small businesses have been forced to close, yet again. The first lockdown meant that I could take maternity leave with my newest daughter, but the second has ceased me working, when I had only just started back.

November had been set to be my busiest month, so I raced to fit in as many sessions, prior to the Thursday lockdown, as I possibly could. The remaining babies due will be scheduled in when we are allowed to reopen, and I look forward to meeting the new babies and families in 2021.

How to book during the Pandemic and Lockdown

So what does this uncertain time mean for all of my future clients? Well, I have thought long and hard about how to combat the uncertainty, on both of our parts. Previously, I was either re-scheduling or refunding. This was an arduous process, so I have come up with a new solution- taking interest instead of bookings. For the next few months, if you would like to book any kind of session with me, I will take note of your due date or ideal session date. This way, we can "play it by ear" to enable us to follow the government guidelines. I will only take a deposit a few days before your session, instead of when you book.

Let's not let a virus spoil your memories

Since the pandemic began, I mask up during all sessions; maternity, newborn, family and portraits. I have always used hand sanitiser and cleaned, but now I clean even more! Only one household/bubble is allowed per session, until the guidelines change. I would like to make "business as usual" as safe for you as possible. I am still so humbled to be one of the first people to meet your newest addition!

Let's Zoom

I'm sure, by now, you have familiarised yourself to, a true upgrade from skype. Zoom has allowed me to offer remote viewings for my clients to minimise the need to physically be present at the studio. It also allows me to do face-to-face consultations, for you to get to know me before your session, as well as to answer any questions you may have and to tailor-design your perfect shoot.

Vouchers, the perfect Christmas Gift

I have just taken order of my new vouchers, a sleek black and gold design. Vouchers make the perfect Christmas gift- a gift of memories. Equally, they are fabulous to give at baby showers, to a new mum, or for a birthday present. My vouchers come with a year expiry date, meaning that there is plenty of the time for the recipient of the voucher, to redeem their session.

Should you want to book a session with me, and can't afford it just yet, you could always request gift vouchers to use as payment! I'm sure that family and friends would love to help you achieve your desired photo session! You are welcome to book a zoom consultation with me, to discuss the details!

If you want to talk Sessions, Christmas, Vouchers or more, let's schedule a call or zoom meeting!

You can contact me via email at



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