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Week 3- busy but still going!

After last weeks small loss, I still wanted to aim for about 2lbs off this week. I have already started feeling a lot better, much healthier! I really need to up my water intake again, I have way too many hot drinks as a substitute, tiredness is just so horrendous.




Breakfast: Deliciously Ella apricot and coconut oat bar. I like these, but I definitely prefer the ones with raisins in!

Lunch: Leftover chicken pesto pasta.

Snacks: Apples, and other various pieces of fruit.

Dinner: Roast dinner with all of the trimmings.

Exercise: Just a dog walkies today- in the park :)




Breakfast: Jordan's cereal bar and 2 apples. Breakfast on the go again! It's so easy to just throw a cereal bar and some fruit into my bag. If I haven't got time for breakfast, I just reach into my bag for some snacks- the healthier, the better.

Lunch: Today I tried a deliciously Ella energy ball. It was only 153 calories, and quite tasty. I also had some cream cheese on toast and some fruit.

Dinner: Fish Pie with peas. I always make a big batch so that we can use it for lunches, Harper also enjoyed her first homemade fish pie!

Exercise: Another day of just a dog walk. I was desperate to go for a run, until the freezing temperatures put me off. It was a 4km dog walk though.




Breakfast: Deliciously Ella bircher muesli. Sounds Boring, but I just love it so much!

Lunch: 2 apples, a banana and a deliciously Ella oat bar (the one with apricots and coconut). Some leftover fish pie as well.

Dinner: Steak with peppercorn sauce (cooked by my lovely other half- he does the best steaks) with broccolini and green beans. Steak night moved to Wednesday as it's my mum's birthday on Friday.

Pudding: Greek yoghurt with blueberries (sorry, no photos, I ate it way too quick)

Exercise: Park dog walk with baby Harper in her sling and a 30 minute horse riding lesson- one of the best butt and thigh workouts!




Breakfast: Weetabix with semi skimmed milk. [When I was younger, I remember piling on the granulated sugar to each weetabix, I definitely didn't do that on this occasion]

Lunch: Leftover fish pie with greens.

Snacks: Apples, a banana and some yoghurt.

Dinner: Fajita chicken and peppers on top of sliced lettuce. I topped it with avocado, tomatoes and refried beans.

Exercise: Dog walkies




Breakfast: Deliciously Ella bircher muesli.

Lunch: Fajita and salad wrap. Leftover fajita chicken and peppers wrapped together with fresh salad.

Dinner: Pulled pork with sweet potato fries, homemade coleslaw and salad for my mum's birthday. I actually managed to avoid the cake. I just filled my plate with greens to fill my tummy.

Exercise: Standard dog walk.




Breakfast: Deliciously Ella bircher muesli. A slice of toast with butter as well.

Snacks: I eat a lot of apples and grapes as snacks, or whatever fruit we have in the house.

Lunch: Granola with yoghurt and blueberries.

Dinner: Chilli with lettuce. An absolute favourite dinner. Not from a jar, I normally cook it in a slow cooker, but I ran out of time today, and cooked it on the hob. I topped it with a few slices of avocado for freshness.

Exercise: Doggy walk with Mia and Hugo.

Snacks: Popcorn and fruit (I avoided the chocolatey snacks, but treated myself to some salted popcorn) for a girly night in of movies and make up. It was sooooo nice to have a little treat! I may start adding back a little weekend treat as the weeks go by.




Breakfast: Deliciously Ella bircher muesli.

Lunch: Yoghurt, Granola and blueberries. The granola I have been having is a chocolate protein granola. The little chocolate bits make it so worth it.

Snacks: Mango and pineapple. We got an organic pineapple in our Riverford box, so I couldn't wait to cut and eat it! A bit sour, but balanced by the sweet mango.

Dinner: Yoghurt, Granola and blueberries. I had little appetite today, I was suffering from extreme tiredness from being up late with my friend the night before (combined with a Harper 5:30am feed), so I just enjoyed some delicious cereal and fruit during the day!

Exercise: I now have a sudden urge to clean everything! A recent found love in instagrammer Mrs Hinch has sparked the desire to zoflora all of our floors and bleach everything I can see! Our house is definitely benefitting from my new obsession, and cleaning burns so many calories! I re-arranged our entire kitchen before cif-ing the bathroom. Everywhere smells amazing and I hope that it has benefitted the inches on my waist!I also took the doggies on a walkies.


The results


So, this week I didn't manage to do any weight lifting, but I did manage to do some dog walking and some cleaning. I have had a super busy week and dieting hasn't been top of my mind, but I am already feeling the benefits. I generally have more energy and find sleeping easier. I don't fill my days with eating, I haven't had much time to be bored but I have had gaps that I would have previously filled with eating. Small pushes towards my end goal.

So, the question was, did I lose any weight? Thankfully, I did! I was worried that the lack of exercise would mean that I would plateau, but...


I do think that the progress photos are even more of a tell, here is day 1 to 3 weeks in...


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