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Why do we do model calls?

Model calls are a great way for newborn photographers, including myself, to practise newly learnt skill sets, use newly purchased props and expand our portfolios. A quick look through a photographers portfolio, will soon tell you whether you and that particular photographer are a good fit or not. My particular style tends to lean towards more muted tones and neutral colours, whilst others prefer the bright is right approach (and execute it very well I might add). So, following on from npf London, I put out a model call to update my portfolio.

I had a great response from mothers who had just had their little ones and expectant mothers who were due any day. Today I'm going to share with you, baby Reign's session, who's mummy responded to one of my adverts.

Baby Reign has a stunning skin tone, that worked well with the dark green backdrop and orangey brown wrap that I began with. He slept sweetly as I positioned him, head gently perched on his hands. His mummy sat next to the beanbag, in case he woke up (safety first), but he was a dream, snoozing through most of his session. He smiled sweetly once in one of my props, and even didn't mind the addition of a hat to some of the set ups. Luckily, I did manage to capture a few awake images at the start, which pleased his mummy!

It was lovely to meet baby Reign and his mummy and I hope to see them again very soon!

If you'd like more information on newborn photography or session information, please do contact me. For more of my newborn images, have a look at my portfolio. To keep up to date with news and future model calls, subscribe.


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