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Those family photos you'll never regret

I grew up as part of a big family, 1 of 6, forever destined to be the middle child. We were a motley crew, fighting the majority of the time, but we did entertain each other. We don't have the largest extended family, but we always visited them!

Through the years, we have amounted various family photos, but all on small 4 x 6 photo paper. The memories in those photos sit hidden in the loft, or in a photo album. My sister and I even dug some out recently, to hang in a frame. Whilst going through them, we had all of the stories... oh look at this one! Remember when...

Every photo told a story! These stories are ones that I can't wait to tell Harper when she grows older. Sadly, there are some relatives that she will never get to meet, but she can hear about them.

Pictured in the middle is my Great Grandmother, sadly she is not with us, but this photo sparks a lot of memories; playing frustration in her front room, playing hide and seek throughout her big house and scotch pancakes with butter!

Whilst she is young, we visit all of her relatives as much as we can! So that she can have lovely cuddles and create new memories. We have regular visits to my nan, where she always has a great time snuggling both Nan and cocker spaniel Alfie! I know that no one lasts forever, but whilst we have time, we like to make the most of it, documenting everything! I was always a Nan's girl, so a bond between my daughter and my Nan is so important to me!

An Iphone photo only goes so far really. I'm never going to be able to print any that big, and the quality is never going to be the best. Professional photos just capture the bonds and love in high definition!

I don't get to see my Grandad very often, my Grandparents are always on elaborate travels, particularly favouring sunny Spain. I have fond memories of Easter at Grandma's, eyeing up all of her dragon statues, her homemade chocolates, and being let loose in the shopping centre with £5 to spend (which was A LOT when I was a child). My Grandad has always tickled and teased us, and nicknamed Grandad Pow (although, to this day, I'm not sure why)... One visit down to us, I needed a test subject, and I'm so glad that my Grandad obliged. I managed to capture his loving character and happy demeanour, a photo that my family love. It's also actually one of my favourite photos that I have taken (complete with my old logo). I didn't make him change into anything he wouldn't normally wear, this is just him, Grandad Pow.

I have also done some recent photos of my partner's family. Keeping update pictures of everyone! With Harper's Grandma not living as close as her Grandma on my side, an Iphone photo wasn't going to be good enough for me! 4 generations all in one photo!

Harper will be growing up seeing photos of herself with mummy and daddy as well. As if a 30 x 40 inch family photo of when she was a newborn wasn't enough, I will soon be getting another large family photo, of a more recent family photo, also printed large. I think a nice box framed acrylic will do it justice. The grey backdrop with white outfit choices are going to look lovely on our neutral walls!

She has changed so much in a few months, so I wanted a family photo that looked more like her now, but I'm sure that in a few more months, I'll want a new one! Of course I take thousands of phone snaps, but none of them have been even close to the quality of the ones I have for the wall!

I am very lucky to have met some of the Grandparents of a few of the babies I have photographed. Some of these Grandparents have travelled from all over the world to either help out with newborn babies or to meet the new additions! India, Australia, South Africa and more, it is always so interesting to hear stories from different countries!

So the question is, would you like to document your family and hang it proudly on the wall? Would you like to book a family session today? I'd love to have you! It gives me great joy to capture these photos for you!

For more information on family photography, please visit my family page. To book of for more information, fill out the enquiry form on my contact page, or email or call 07908765557.


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