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Combining Christmas and Cake Smash

Christmas is celebrated by many, as a time of joy and happiness. For some parents, the winter season brings babies! I was elated to be asked to photograph baby Evie's cake smash, who celebrated her 1st Birthday in the new year. Their pre-Christmas arrival to my studio meant that I got to snap some Christmas-themed portraits, before preceding with the smash session.

Evie happily posed in the bright red Christmas hat, that I balanced on her head, for some great Christmas portraits. She then proceeded to merrily prance about in her silver tutu, that perfectly matched the grey and pink theme. Her cheeky character was so lovely to capture on camera!

The cake was a new experience for her, and she approached it with anticipation. The look of “a whole cake just for me?!” Was in her eyes, but she soon enjoyed sampling the sugary treat.

Post-cake destruction, she entertained us all, with sweet smiles and laughter, as she splashed about in the tub.

Happy Birthday Evie!

If you are interested in a Cake Smash session for your child, please do not hesitate to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!

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