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Week 2- just keep moving, moving, moving

Stepping on the scales was great, maybe not the weight, but how much it meant I have lost. Still a way to go, the 5lb loss spurred me on!




Monday, the start of the week, the day most dread. The motivation I gained from the results from the previous week, ed me to have a very successful Monday. (Monday was also helped by the fact that Harper slept through to 7:45 am). Not only did I manage to run 4km in the evening, but I stuck to my healthy eating plan during the day.

Breakfast: My chocolate protein shake (banana, oats, protein powder, water) as well as drinking water

Snack: Apple (lush organic apple from our Riverford deliver)

Lunch: Chicken and vegetables that I had prepared the night before. On a Monday, I regularly head to my parents house so that Harper can see her Grandma, and other relatives. This is great fun for us, but being out at lunch time, the temptation is great. The temptation wasn't helped by the joyful lemony sugary smell wafting from the kitchen- cream tea leftovers filled the kitchen. My willpower was strong and I stick to my lunchbox! I happily drank the coffee though!

Dinner: Another new cooking trial- using chicken thighs. I found this recipe online at BBC good food. It was so so easy to make (takes an hour to cook- but minutes to prepare) and tasted great! I boiled broccolini for the side (need to have those vegetables)

Exercise: I powered the dogs around the park at about midday, I clocked about 2km, they obviously ran a lot more! In the evening, I went out for a street run, managing a loop of just over 4km- I need to find a longer route!




Breakfast: The standard chocolate protein shake. I am always rushing around, so it just makes my life easier! I have packed an apple to snack on.

Lunch: Chicken and vegetables- I was actually so full after!!

Dinner: Toad in the whole with a mountain of broccoli! Gravy to top it off of course.

Exercise: A 6km walkies with the doggies as well as a 4km round trip to the gym to take my little princess swimming! 10km altogether, so I stayed inside in the evening- I didn't really fancy a run in the snow. Still a bit shocked that it snowed!




Breakfast: peanut butter protein shake (1 banana, 1 scoop peanut butter protein powder, 240ml water, 2 tablespoons oats)

Lunch: Chicken and vegetables- a favourite lunch because it is so filling!

Dinner: Fajita salad. I made the normal fajita kit with rice and all of the trimmings for my partner. I stuck to just the chicken and peppers with a mountain of lettuce, tomatoes and avocado.

Exercise: 6.09km run. I actually felt that runners buzz, I probably could have run further to be honest! Hopefully next week I'll try to do 10km, we'll see how it goes!




Breakfast: Peanut butter protein shake

Lunch: Leftover chicken, olives, roasted new potatoes and vegetables

Dinner: Homemade stew and dumplings (made in the slow cooker). I skipped the mash but did have 2 big dumplings!

Exercise: 2.85km dog walk. The days were getting busier, so we didn't have time to go further unfortunately!




Breakfast: Deliciously Ella bircher muesli. I discovered this not so long ago, and, I must admit, it is one of the tastiest breakfasts I've had.

Lunch: Leftover fajita salad. I will definitely be making this more. So easy yet so good.

Dinner: Steak with sweet potato fries and green beans. Friday steak night is so yummy- my partner makes a great steak!

Exercise: 3.56km dog walk- in the rain!




Breakfast: Deliciously Ella bircher muesli.

Lunch: I ended up working through lunch... So after my session, I had a deliciously Ella cereal bar and then apples and grapes to snack on.

Dinner: Curry with lettuce instead of rice. I don't really miss rice, but I do miss naan bread! I would definitely eat the whole thing if I started...

Exercise: I didn't make it out, but the whole chair saga in our house meant that I got some kind of exercise. Today I learnt: you should measure an armchair before purchasing it. Armchairs are heavy. My partner is sheer genius when it comes to things like this, he managed to get the armchair through the bedroom window- night saved!




Breakfast: I ran out of time to eat breakfast!

Lunch: I ended up having Deliciously Ella bircher muesli at about 3pm, after work. This was followed by grapes and apple, as well as several cups of tea.

Dinner: Chicken pesto zoodles.

Exercise: A 2km dog walk with a friend




So I bet your wondering how much I lost this week, if any? Well, I was aiming for a 2lb, but I only lost a pound and a half. This is still good! I also feel much better recently, my clothes fit better, and I generally have more energy.

Side profile definitely shows the difference more!

After not getting my 2lb goal, it has almost spurred me on to try harder this week. Upping my exercise (I definitely started slacking at the end of the week) as well as incorporating some bodyweight training. Fingers crossed for 2lbs off next week!

How are everyone else's journeys going?


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